The proposed Student Center Project is a 14,800 square ft remodel, renovation, and repair of the CBC Family Life Center/Gymnasium. The proposed project creates longterm facilities for our growing and vibrant student ministry. We believe that we can meet the facility needs of the student ministry through a remodel and renovation of the existing building. This project will have a strong impact on the student ministry, young adults, church, and community. The Student Center Project seeks to accomplish the following goals:

• to provide dedicated gathering facilities for students and young adults.

• to create a modern and welcoming environment for students and their families.

• to create a functional worship / event area without losing use of the gymnasium.

• to update and renovate all classrooms used by students and young adults.

• to update restrooms to be handicap accessible.

• (project elective depending on funding) elevator access to the second floor of Slayton Building and Student Center. 

The project will include a worship space, coffee shop, hangout areas, gymnasium renovation, basketball court repairs, renovation of six classrooms, handicap accessible bathrooms downstairs, and bathroom renovations upstairs. The option of installing an elevator to provide access second floor is also being explored and dependent on project funding. Imagine a place where students can connect with God and one another. A place where students and young adults are equipped to go into the world and be used by God to impact the world for His glory. The Student Center Project can be that place!

•Student Center Project idea was first shared at the CBC Anniversary banquet in November 2017.

•Coordinating Council affirmed the direction of the project and asked that the scope of the project be established.

•Church in Conference received report from the Coordinating Council recommending the Student Center Project in November 2017.

•Initial meetings with the architect began in January 2018.

•Design Team and Capital Campaign Committee began meeting in Spring 2018.

•Spring 2018 Church in Conference received a progress report. Members toured the building to examine the current condition and envision project concept.

•Summer 2018 – Concept Drawings are finalized by the architect and the first project estimate is submitted. 

Proposed First Floor Renovation and Remodeling includes the following:

• Coffee Shop / Student Hangout Area

• Updated Flooring

• Drop Ceiling Removed and Modern Exposed Ceiling Design

• Updated Lighting and Electrical•Glass Walls at Both Foyers

• Windows Along South Exterior Wall

• Worship Area in Gymnasium

• Media Updates for Worship Space

• Renovation to Gymnasium Interior Walls

• Portable Gymnasium Floor Covering for Weekly Use and Events

• Gymnasium Drop Down Wall Curtain

• Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

• (Project Elective) Elevator Access to the second floor of the Slayton Building and SC

Proposed Second Floor Renovation and Remodeling includes the following:

• Renovated Classrooms with Window View to Balcony

• Classroom Furnishings and Updated Media in all Student Center Classrooms

• Updated Carpet Flooring

• Updated Lighting

• Balcony Railing to Meet Code Requirements

• Repairs to Existing Stairway

• Repairs and Renovation to Second Floor Bathrooms