Prior to 2012, Calvary Students gathered each week in the original worship center building, built in 1957. The building had the original exterior, but inside had many updates that made it functional for the students. The building had classroom space, a worship area with updated media, and student lounging/hangout areas. It was a great blend of old meets new, and Calvary students loved the building. They called it home for many years. When the original worship center was remodeled for the youth, one original light fixture from 1957 was left installed at the entrance. The original stained glass was left in place. Longtime members would stop by for a visit and reminisce with students. There were many reminders of a wonderful legacy of faith through CBC. 

On March 29, 2012, the neighborhoods surrounding CBC were the center of one of the worst hailstorms McAllen has ever seen. Up to an hour of continuous hail fell, driven by frequent winds estimated at 70 mph. The Student Center suffered extensive damage. The decision was made to demolish the Student Center, and Calvary Students moved to the Family Life Center/ Gymnasium. Six years have now passed. We have now seen a generation of students enter 7th grade and graduate from high school without student ministry facilities. Calvary Students need a longterm home that is functional for student ministry and welcoming to the community. In this booklet you will read about the proposed student center project to give Calvary Students a longterm home.